How to make WhatsApp a storage device for your Personal data

We use WhatsApp for messaging app generally, but now you can use this App for saving your personal or private Data, i.e. Images, Pdf, Word doc file, excel file, Screenshots, Web links and many more. These data you can be access without using any sign-up. Also these data you can access from your personal computer, tablet or from your mobile.

Here is the process:

1. Create a new group in WhatsApp.

2. Please add any one contact from your phone.

3. Give a name to your group (Personal data or My notes anything you want) and save.

4. Go to the group in WhatsApp, and delete the Participant or contact from your group, which you added.

5. Now you can see only you are the member of that group.

6. That's it, now that is your personal storage in WhatsApp.

7. Now you can quickly search your all personal data with built-in search option in WhatsApp.

Also if you want to save or transfer all your personal data from mobile to computer. Just open and transfer it. 
How to use WhatsApp on your personal computer / MAC


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